Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Walls and Mountains

SINCE we got back from our long holiday in Germany in May, we've been busy sprucing up the back garden for our annual summer party. One of our long-term home improvement plans was to build a retaining wall around the bank in our garden, and this year we finally took the plunge and did it. Though not perfect, we're very pleased with the result, and the wall among other things provides a great spot to sit and watch the wildlife in the flower bed.

Every Spring we also mulch the bank. While we were sad to see the county pull down lots of trees in the tiny wooded area behind our house, they have been using the space as a dumping ground for woodchips... which means free mulch to anyone that wishes to pick it up. So the last few days have been filled with rides for Emma in the wheelbarrow, 'mountain climbing' and helping us shovel and haul sweet-smelling pine chips through the back gate and onto our flower beds. She's also been fascinated by the many colonies of ants that have taken up residence in these great cities the county conveniently provided, and has been parading around carrying large sticks on her head to show us how the ants carry their food.

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