Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby's First Trip to the Beach

THOMAS has been longing to show us a bit of river he came across, so today we packed up our swimming things and a picnic and headed out. This place was fabulous! A wide, shallow river bed filled with sand banks, rocks and little waterfalls. Emma wasted no time getting in the water and not even the cake we brought with us could coax her out. She was too busy sailing a 'ship', crossing 'bridges' and collecting freshwater mussel shells. From my position on the bank, it looked like she was repeatedly slipping over and only papa's hand was preventing her from a mouthful of water. As I later discovered when I was on river duty, actually she just liked to practice her swimming strokes with her legs, dangling from a parental stronghold.

Alexander had no objection to a bed of sand and drifted peacefully off to sleep under the blue sky and canopy of gently waving leaves.

Apart from a fisherman, we were the only people in sight. Three hawks circled overhead, and a doe with her two fawns pranced across the road as we approached the river. It was a beautiful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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