Friday, May 8, 2009

Vegetable Destiny

LADIES and Gentlemen, we have liftoff! We finally got a raised bed built, filled and planted. And we even have shoots already, just a week later! We planted three kinds of tomato (transplants), snap beans, Swiss chard, kabocha squash and carrots. Next we'll plant aubergine, which is seeding safely inside. Alas the jalapeno seedling I bought at the farmer's market did not survive long enough for planting, as its earth and pot were apparently needed for a scientific experiment. I found the wizened little stem lying forlorn on the patio in blazing sun. But this little plant had a different destiny - one of a didactic nature. Surprised at its demise, Emma noted that baby plants are like worms. If you take them out of the earth and put them on bricks in the sun, they die. Indeed they do.

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