Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbye Froglets

IT is time to say goodbye to our tadpoles - now froglets. It has been amazing to watch them grow. Not all of them have legs at this point, but the largest has both front and back legs. The back legs developed gradually, from little lumps to paddle-like protrusions. Then they took on the characteristic frog shape and we could even see the feet. Most incredible however were the front legs. Emma and I noticed one evening that the largest tadpole had bumps behind its gills, and we wondered if these would become front legs. The very next morning, he had front legs, complete with knees (elbows?) and feet! Imagine waking up to that? You can see in the picture how their shape changes too, from a little round blob to a distinct head and body. Next the tail will shrink, then it is absorbed back into the body. How amazing is that?

We will be releasing them into a nearby pond. Hopefully they do not become lunch to the next predator.

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