Sunday, October 18, 2009

Simpler Times: Making Butter

WE haven't had raw milk for a while, so when we got some this week it seemed to be a good opportunity to make butter. First we had to pour the milk into a wide-mouthed container and let the cream settle. Then we skimmed off the cream and put it in a jar with a lid. Next came the fun part: shake, shake, shake then shake some more. Gradually the butter began to form as a yellow chunk, the buttermilk separating out. After rinsing the butter in cold water, it was ready to be eaten. Hmm, needed a little salt for my taste, but otherwise quite delicious, especially with homemade apple butter.

Next time I'll figure out something inventive to do with the buttermilk, and I've heard that a marble in the jar makes the churning go faster.


Castlequeen said...

I love your blog and have been following for many months. Uses for Buttermilk - Pancakes, pikelets, muffins or Scones come to mind - yum. Also older cream will be quicker to churn into butter.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Alison, Waldorf Mama in NZ

Lavender's Blue said...

Oh thanks Alison. I'll definitely try one of your suggestions next time. I think I've finally convinced dh that I'm not poisoning the family, so maybe it won't be so long before we have raw milk again :-)