Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bird Walk

IT'S not often I'm on the road at 7:30 AM already on a Saturday, but today I finally got to attend a bird walk hosted by the Audubon Society. The group saw a grand total of 35 species! I didn't catch all of them, but I did discover many birds that I had not previously known or seen. Here are some of my new sightings:

Wood duck
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Blue-gray gnat catcher
Red-winged blackbird
Rough-winged swallow
Double-crested cormorant

We also saw a goose on its nest, plucking feathers for a super cosy lining, a robin sitting in its nest, and best of all, a wild river otter splashing around at the water's edge. Following such a beautiful start, it was a wonderful day!

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