Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow and Ice and All Things Nice

A huge winter storm took the US by - well - storm last week, causing chaos in those parts of the country more familiar with sunstroke than snowploughs. While snow fell only once, consistent low temperatures created a thick layer of ice, and residents were urged to stay off the streets as much as possible.

For a whole week, we drove nowhere, and what fun we had! Snowmen, snowballs, melted maple syrup over shaved ice, frozen fingers, hot chocolate, excavating ice-entombed treasures... but most of all sliding.

Sliding on our fronts, on our backs, on (off) our feet, on cardboard, on plastic, in the laundry basket, down the driveway, down the hill in the park, skating across the patio and even on the grass. The strange white stillness broken by giggles of delight.

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