Monday, August 4, 2008

Flowers & Fairies

AS we went out this morning to see what's new in the garden, Emma decided she wanted to wear her fairy crown. This is a fun wreath we made at a friend's house with a twirled vine and coloured crepe paper.

We found little purple flowers blooming in the shade in the wooded part of the garden, but I've not been able to identify them. If anyone knows what they are, drop me a line! One interesting fact is that when Emma picked a couple with no stems, we put them in a bowl of water and a few hours later the beautiful violet colour had faded completely and they were all white.

Our crape myrtle is now in full bloom. It seems to bloom a little later than other varieties you see all over the place here, and we love it because there's not much colour left in our garden in late Summer.

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