Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's That Bug?

OH dear, now I'm really in trouble. After finding out that our digital camera's auto focus feature is what is preventing me from photographing some interesting spiders we've found, I had to go online and scroll through images from memory rather than go through usual identification channels (search by colour, habitat etc.). In doing so I came across . As if I needed another site to get lost in. It's quite odd to be so fascinated (and amused) by something that you simply cannot stop reading, even when it's ridiculously late and if you have to still be up, you have real work to do... AND the pictures make your skin all crawly. Thomas just rolls his eyes. The problem with this is that there are 13 pages of spider info, and I've only got through page 3 so far. And that's just spiders! There's so much more on this site.

The photo is one I had to steal from the web since my photo is out of focus, but we have this interesting spider in our back garden. It's a Golden Orb Weaver. The zigzag shape in the web is called a stabilimentum and is believed to be a camouflage mechanism.

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