Friday, November 7, 2008

It's a Pine Tree

NOTHING fills you with as much pride as accomplishing something for the first time. Well, maybe when your child accomplishes something for the first time. In our nature class today Emma proudly identified her first tree - a pine. Beaming with delight, she skipped away down the leafy path pointing out every pine tree to our hike leader, earning a high-five for each correct identification. Our group learned about hickory and sweet gum trees and we were amazed how different that stretch of woods looks from just a few weeks ago now the leaves are changing colour and falling. Animal finds included a katydid, harvestman, stink bug and, the prize, a well disguised deKay snake.

The visit ended with a picnic of homemade treats, tree climbing and three little human squirrels racing around the leaf-covered lawn. Good times.

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