Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earth, Air, Fire & Water

HOW can we have become so detached from the elements: earth, air, fire and water? They are too messy, dangerous, primitive, and not available in pink.

And yet, take four young children away from the comforts of home and place them in a tent in the middle of the woods, and they could be children of any time in history.

How wonderful to be able to get dirty and wet, feel the musty old leaves, cool new ones, sand, grit, wood on your body without someone immediately running for a washcloth.

To actually feel the difference between hot and cold without heating and air conditioning, warming your body instead through movement, layers, fire and the sun.

To watch fire as it blackens, then consumes its fuel, with a mesmerising dance.

To breathe in a cold, dewy morning.

To get tired. Not bored tired or brain tired - the kind of whole-body tired that comes from fresh air and healthy activity and leads to really deep sleep.

While I know tent camping's not for everyone, it makes me feel alive.

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