Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bannock and Fire Wood

THIS winter we've been enjoying our new fire pit. We haven't been camping much, but that doesn't mean we can't simulate parts of this experience right here at home. A couple of times we've got the grill out for sausages, then sat outside eating all bundled up in coats and hats around the fire. Then of course there are marshmallows and mulled wine. And bannock. I'd never heard this name until recently when I was looking for the recipe, though I was very familiar with the notion of twisting dough around a stick and toasting it over a campfire. Bannock has been a staple food of wilderness explorers, prospectors, soldiers, and trappers for centuries. The most simple bannock recipe consists of just flour and water. Our first attempt included seeds and dried fruits and I have to say it didn't turn out too well. The second time was better, though I'm going to have to work on the recipe to give the marshmallows any serious competition in the children's eyes.

What to do with the leftover fire wood? Well the stack outside our back door has been used for so many things. Habitat for all kinds of pretend creatures, roads for cars and lorries, picnic benches, chopping blocks and - my favourite - seesaws. Everyone had their own personal seesaw, including Baby.

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