Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Kidding - I'm Back

Winter's back! Just when we were dusting off our 'welcome to spring' songs, the day grew greyer and greyer and all of a sudden... snow! Snow here in the south is as a rule not very impressive; however this time it put on a pretty good show. Of course all plans for the day were immediately shelved and instead on went the rain suits and boots. The afternoon was spent mostly outside, coming in just for warm apple juice, hot chocolate and snacks. Knowing that it may be gone the next day, we wanted to make the most of every snowflake. So in the evening, we went for a moonlit adventure (well there was no moon, but it was dark) and took a walk, acting out Ezra Jack Keats' A Snowy Day as we went:

"First he walked with his feet out like this.
Then he walked with his feet in like this.
Then he found something that made a third track. It was a stick.
A stick that was just right for beating a tree.
Plop! A lump of snow landed on his head."

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