Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twilight Magic

TWILIGHT is one of the most magical times to be outside. To observe the sun inch lower and lower with perceptible movement brings a sense of oneness with time. We have been taught of the earth's rotation around the sun, yet to many these are mere words; whereas experiencing a sunset (or sunrise) forges a deep inner connection to this cosmic reality. Images of the sun going to bed are not just for children; experiencing the dusk is to remember the beauty of the day, breathe out and prepare for rest.

Animals too favour the beginning and end of the day. As I sat with a new group of friends with the magnificent backdrop of the setting sun, for a short while the trees came alive with birdsong. It gradually darkened and the evening grew still. Then, a deer gingerly stepped out of the bushes followed by another. As we continued our gathering, the does moved closer browsing in the long grass for shoots and fallen fruit. Their babies followed and the usually shy animals munched away, stopping now and again to nurse or bleat a message to one another. I was entranced. For this special time between day and night, deer and people shared time and space.

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