Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Lorelei Calls

HAPPY sixth birthday Emma! We had great fun preparing for her mermaid party - designing a menu, painting underwatery paintings to hang up, planning activities and decorating with strips of blue and purple crepe paper, which waved delightfully when the ceiling fan was turned on.

On the big day, it was hard to contain their excitement. Six little girls and one little brother made shell necklaces, played musical mermaid rocks then sat on their rocks for a tea of seaweed, kale chips, tuna crackers and "rainbow fish" cake. Outside, water beads awaited discovery in the paddling pool, and finally a treasure hunt for a take-home mini treasure chest of sparkling gems. The theme continued until her actual birthday two days later when Emma received her present from Mama - a beautiful mermaid of her own!

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