Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Hash with a Pool Ending

THERE'S nothing better than a summer hash than a summer hash with a pool ending. Oh wait, yes there is. A summer hash with a pool ending AND lots of great food!

For those of you wondering what a summer hash could be, please be assured it's not some seasonal gathering of illicit substance users. It's a throwback to our pre-child days (sigh...) and, in its most primitive form, involves a group of people chasing 'the hare' through various terrains for the sole purpose of reaching the beverages at the end.

Now that our free time has taken on new priorities, we don't get to hash as often as we used to. But the child-friendly slow hashes are still a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends in the great outdoors. We pack up the pink Emmamobile and slather on the sun screen and bug spray, then it's ON ON! on trail!

This one wended its way behind horse pastures, around fields and through quiet suburban neighbourhoods. It ended at the hare's house where a deliciously cool pool awaited, followed by an equally delicious feast prepared by the hare's father on the occasion of her birthday. Emma could easily be located just by listening for the squeals of delight as she showed off her new swimming skills. What she found most hilarious, however, was watching the biggest man of the bunch perform cannonballs. Every time the poor guy took a break, she challenged him in her bossiest voice: "You jump in more, make big splash!" Amazing what you can get away with with a cute grin and wet curls.

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