Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Venture in the Woods

AS our trip to the Dunwoody Nature Center was washed out on Sunday, Emma and I decided to try again today with friends. Much better weather! Our first stop was to the woods where we had to overturn all the logs to see what lies beneath. Termites, ants, worms, centipedes and various other creepy crawlies all popped out to say hello. Which child grabbed each creature ultimately decided its fate: Emma just mothered them for a while before begrudgingly putting them back. Her little friend insisted on taking a big worm with him to enjoy the rest of the day ('enjoy' being a relative term in a 3-year-old's tight clutches) while his little brother, not wanting to miss out on the action but not quite yet possessing the skill of gentleness... well let's just say we mamas tried our best to save the bugs.

On to the creek, where shoes and clothes were flung away and little bodies immersed themselves to cool off. Lots of rocks to hop on, sandy water to splash in, a slimy encounter with frogspawn, pond skaters (water striders) to chase, tiny waterfalls to investigate, spider webs in the hair, splashing matches... a grand time was had by all.

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