Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Enchanted Forest

A simple walk after rain turned into a precious glimpse into a child's world of wonder. The scene was set beautifully for a magical experience. In just a few weeks since we had been there last, the rain and warm temperatures had caused the woods around the swamp to explode into an abundance of green. Leggy juvenile branches observed no boundaries and formed gateways and arches over the barely discernable path, dripping from the morning's rain. Patches of violets had sprung up on the forest floor, and spider webs were dressed in their finest pearls. There were all kinds of interesting fungi we'd never seen before, and we wondered if fairies or gnomes lived inside. Then Emma stopped fast in her tracks and held her finger to her mouth to silence me. She beckoned me closer and pointed deep into the undergrowth. "You see, Mama? A baby unicorn. Ssh, he's sleeping."

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