Friday, April 3, 2009

First Dabble

I finally got my feet wet in wet-on-wet watercolour painting, with a couple of classes organised by our local Waldorf Homeschoolers group. It was so much fun and I look forward to lots more practice before introducing the technique to Emma at some point. We started by exploring the colours and their relationship to one another.

Then we took a peek into the plant world. This began with blue water underneath and yellow light overhead, then finally red life blood linking the two together and forming green plants and brown roots.

Finally we delved into the animal kingdom. For our final piece, we were asked to choose an animal, and prepare its habitat using wet-on-wet. We then painted in the animal with a wet-on-dry technique. I wanted to paint something for our Easter/Spring nature table, but didn't want the typical chicks or bunnies, so I picked a scene showing the Owl Mother returning to her babies Sarah, Percy and Bill, from one of Emma's favourite books "Owl Babies".

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Lovey said...

These are great! You are quite a talented artist.