Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

OUR Easter preparations had mixed success. For Palm Sunday, we made a 'palm' cross with a long stem of tiger grass from our garden. It was a bit brittle, but worked out okay after soaking in water.

Dyeing eggs should have been easy. Following advice from several sources, we used celery seed and turmeric for yellow, blueberries for blue and spinach for green, but despite the addition of vinegar, the colours did not take. The water was pretty though.

Hot cross buns for Good Friday were interesting. They are one of those things we've always bought so it's never really occured to me that they could be homemade, but we decided to try our hand at baking them. Several recipes I found called for an icing cross on the top, which is not how I've ever eaten them. But we stuck to the recipe and did this. Just as well since the buns didn't rise and the icing was really the only redeeming feature.

Oh well, it was more about the activity than the result, and now we have a whole year to practice before needing these skills again.

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