Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beeswax Modelling

WITH much excitement we finally opened our new package of modelling beeswax that we (well, Emma) received for Christmas. We spent a while warming it in our hands to make it soft enough to manipulate. Then Emma took great delight in making 'families of candles', which did really look like the candle she made by dipping the other day. I'm not sure if she made the connection with wax through the word or the distinctive smell, or if it was simply the shapes she rolled that made her creations into 'candles'.

After a while I was finally able to pry enough red away from her to fashion a little cardinal bird. The black and yellow for the face and beak had to wait until later after we'd put the activity away, so I stuck a little piece of each colour in my - ahem - bra to soften as I made dinner (a tip from a message board, which seemed like a good idea). Naturally I forgot about it, until it later dropped onto a very startled Alexander while nursing. Happily, bird and beak have now been united and the cardinal sits proudly in a tree, watching over our Winter nature table.

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