Monday, January 25, 2010

Rose Windows

A lovely new craft found its way into our home! Rose windows as an architectural feature are believed to have originated in the French Gothic period. There are many theories surrounding their meaning, many believing them to be a Western version of the centuries-old Eastern mandala, which represents "expression of human aspiration towards wholeness and coherence". In a church setting, rose windows often use stained glass between stone or metal tracery to depict scenes from the bible, the saints, the seasons, zodiac or other pictures of an instructional or thematic nature. Geometry and proportion also played a significant role in medieval windows, where numbers had a metaphysical significance.

Our windows, made of humble tissue paper and card, have no such worthy meaning. Nevertheless there is great beauty in the symmetry of even the simplest pattern, and the play of light, colour and harmony of form can put one in a very meditative mood.

And, even the scraps make pretty decorations!

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