Saturday, January 9, 2010

We Three Kings... and Grandma

WE planned our Epiphany celebration for several days: baking, practising songs, making costumes. In the tradition of the German Sternsinger (see last year's post), we were going to process in costume to the front door and sing, then we would be let in and offered refreshment.

In the afternoon, we spent considerable time assembling our costumes. Then Emma wanted to rehearse. Much as the tradition and idea are reverent, our depiction of this holy happening was anything but. We had Grandma hobbling on a hobby horse (camel), Emma chasing her shrieking brother with an unwanted crown, me trying to save the biscuits from the dog, and Baby Jesus smothered in all kinds of unusual gifts. Oh yes, and lots of laughing. I gave up worrying about meaning, instead enjoying some wonderful family time and memory making.

When it was time for the actual procession in the evening, it was dark, snowing, we were outside in pyjamas and capes, eating special treats at bedtime... the atmosphere was very different. And with the camel safely in his stable we enjoyed a cup of wassail.

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